Thursday, 26 March 2015

Training for EQE 2016

A brief overview of our training offers for EQE 2016 is given in an earlier other blog.

The first basic legal course, suitable for Pre-Exam 2016 sitters, and well as for Main Exam 2016 sitters that are not yet on solid legal ground, starts already with a first 4-day block in Eindhoven (NL) on 20-23 April 2015, addressing EPC procedural law and practice! This first block will be followed by next 2-day block on 18 - 19 June 2015 to discuss EPC substantive patent law and practice, and a last 2-day block on 13 - 15 September for PCT procedural law and practice

Details can be found on our website ("training", "webshop", general EQE training brochure, and 8-day basic legal brochure)

We also offer the course in other countries, and -for the first time- in Poland. The 8-day basic legal course in Poland is given in two blocks of 4 days, reducing travel cost and overhead of travel time. The blocks are scheduled on 8 - 11 June 2015 (EPC procedure) and 21 - 24 September 2016 (EPC substantive patent law and PCT procedure) -- refer to our other blog post and the 8-day basic legal (PL) brochure.

Hope to see you in once of our courses!


  1. I passed the EQE a long time ago and now want to refresh my legal knowledge in view of an extension of my work package and responsibilities..

    Do you have a suitable course for me?


    1. Sure!

      You can check out which of the following suits you best, and/or contact us if you have a special request:

      1) the 4-day Legal Refresher:
      4-day block in second half of June/ first half of July in the Netherlands or in Denmark.
      Primarily targeting candidates preparing for D 2016, as a kick-off of their D preparation by reviewing all EPC and PCT topics using to-the-point questions as well as our charts with overviews and flowcharts. Your knowledge will be refreshed and brought up-to-date.

      2) our 8-day Basic legal course
      Offered as one 4-day block + two 2-day blocks in NL, as two 4-day blocks in PL, or on request in-house

      3) our Basic Legal Distance learning
      Bi-weekly video sessions on Friday morning
      Runs from April to October 2015

      4) our Continued Education courses:
      Patent law update courses:
      - 1-day seminar on recent law changes
      - 1-day Unitary Patent - UPC
      IP Management courses:
      - Licensing
      - Portfolio management

      All courses can also be offered on special request in-house if enough interest - please contact our training department if you have a specific request to discuss the possibilities (contact information in the right column)

      Links for further information and enrolment:

      Legal Refresher:

      8-day Basic Legal:,,

      Basic Legal Distance learning:

      Continued Education:

  2. Thanks for letting know about these first basic legal courses details. I've found th brief overview quite informative to know training offers details.