Monday, 2 March 2015

When can you expect to get your results?

Many candidates ask use when the results and the Examiner's report will become available. We do not know - you can try with the Exam Secretariat to get an indication. But this is how it was in 2014:

Results Pre-Exam 2014

In 2014, the results and the Examiner's report with the official answer became available last week of March (on this and this page resp.), and the official results letters were dated 28 March 2014 (at least for the candidates that appealed in cases D3/14, D4/14 - I assume for all).
See e.g. our blog posts "Pre-Exam 2014 statististics", "How did Pre-Exam 2013 do at the Main Exam 2014?"

Update 1 April 2015: the Examiner's report for Pre-Exam 2015 was put online at the end of Thu 19 March, the list of results was put online shortly before 11:00 am on Fri 20 March, and the results letters were send on 27 March 2015 to the candidates. Examiner's report and results are extensively discussed on our blog with comments from many candidates.

Results Main Exam 2014

In 2014, the results of the main exam papers were published in the EPO website on 11 July 2014 (as a list of EQE registration number and scores on this page), and the Examiner's Reports for the main exam papers on 23 July 2014 (on the Compendium pages).
See e.g. our earlier blog posts "EQE 2014 results available online - and some statistics" "First results Paper C EQE 2014" and  "First Results Paper D 2014".


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  2. Numerous hopefuls ask use when the outcomes and the Examiner's report will get to be accessible. We don't know - you can attempt with the Exam Secretariat to get a sign.

  3. EQE Results 2016 are available online.