Friday, 18 September 2015

Updated version of the EQE Guide for Preparation (5th edition)

Published by the EPO, this guide provides candidates with advice and information, not only from the EPO, epi and CEIPI, but also from previous candidates and their tutors and supervisors. It also provides help and useful hints on organising a revision timetable and avoiding common pitfalls. 


  1. Hello,
    I have a question regarding Paper A Chemistry 1990.
    In the Examiner's report, it is written that "the client had regarded the inclusion of hydrated antimony oxide as merely being preferred, not as mandatory".
    However, by practicing the Paper, and by watching the response on the book of Deltapatent (Methodology for Paper A Chemistry), I have noted that this particular feature is rather essential and must appear in claim 1, i.e. claim about "a colloidal aqueous solution"...
    Can someone comment on this ? I mean, I was rather surprised when I read the Examiner's report. Although I could not arrive to the suggested solution (it was the first time I test a paper), I found by myself (without looking at the book of deltapatent) that this feature must be essential...
    Thank you very much in advance, Curiosity

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