Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Tutors' Report on EQE 2015 Papers

To help candidates and tutors learn more about the 2015 papers, and to give some tips for EQE 2016, Pete Pollard edits this report every year after the EQE Tutor Meeting in October, using the input from several experienced tutors.

This year, some more details are also given about the combined A and B papers to be introduced with EQE 2017.

It has been published in the latest edition of epi information (pages 134-142). An extract of the report only is available here.

From DeltaPatents, Pete Pollard summarised the D and Pre-Exam Paper discussions, and Jelle Hoekstra summarised the C Paper.

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  1. I don't understand why there is such a focus on decreasing the cost of the EQE exams. There must be a trade-off between rigour and cost. Are attorney firms really complaining that much about the cost of the exams? I would have thought that in the long term, keeping the exams as a tough test would limit supply of attorneys and keep their quality high. Both of these seem ultimately good for those already in the profession.

    Arguably this is bad for consumer choice - it makes it more difficult to choose a cheaper, lower quality representative, but surely this is not something the EPO want to encourage either?

    I really do not see how merging mechanical and chemistry (for A and B) is anything but a retrograde step in terms of matching the exams to what an attorney will actually have to do in practice.