Saturday, 2 February 2019

Amended and consolidated REE, IPREE and instructions to candidates

Amended and consolidated REE, IPREE and instructions to candidates have been published last Friday, February 1, in OJ 2019, Suppl 2.

The REE did not change.

The IPREE was consolidated with the earlier amendments (OJ 2017, A88) as to the legal cut-off date (changed to 31 October) and the addition on GL/PCT-EPO to Rule 22(1), and further amendments with deletion of obsolete provisions.

The Instructions were amended to further provide that:
 - candidates are not permitted to bring scissors with blades longer than 6 cm (as measured from the fulcrum); therefore to cut out parts of the examination paper, only blunt-tipped scissors with a blade length of no more than 6 cm are allowed;
-  Only for the Pre-Exam: the end of the paper will be announced ten minutes before the closing signal. (For the Main Exam papers: The end of the paper will be announced five minutes before the closing signal.)

OJ 2019, Suppl 2 also include the Decision from the Supervisory Board of 17 Nov 2016 granting candidates 30 minutes extra for each main exam paper (not for the pre-exam), that was published.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Pilot at EQE 2019 – pilot project for writing Papers A, B, C and D on a computer

Last Friday, it was announced on the EQE website that:

"Several measures to modernise the EQE are currently being considered. In this framework it has been decided to run a pilot project allowing a small group of candidates to write the 2019 Papers A, B, C and D on a computer. Fifteen candidates sitting all four main examination papers in Munich will be randomly chosen and asked if they would like to volunteer to participate in the pilot. The pilot group can type their answers in a secure environment using a text editor program consisting of basic editing features. All other rules and conditions pursuant to the EQE will apply to the pilot.
The primary objective of the pilot is to gain experience in answering the EQE papers on a computer and to identify both the challenges and benefits. The outcome of the pilot should enable an informed choice regarding the potential to expand gradually to a wider group"

See here for the official announcement.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Calendars for Pre-examination and Paper D 2019 are available

Calendars for Pre-examination and Paper D 2019 are now available via links on the EQE webpage:

  • Pre-Exam calendars are here (2018-2019)
  • Paper D calendars are here (2017-2019)

Calendars are in the same format as the previous years. Normal weekends and national holidays are shown; no bridging dates.

Remember to use the calendars provided with the paper at the EQE itself (as they are provided now). Do not use the closure dates given in the OJ EPO, which include several bridging dates!