Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Calendars for Pre-examination and Paper D 2019 are available

Calendars for Pre-examination and Paper D 2019 are now available via links on the EQE webpage:

  • Pre-Exam calendars are here (2018-2019)
  • Paper D calendars are here (2017-2019)

Calendars are in the same format as the previous years. Normal weekends and national holidays are shown; no bridging dates.

Remember to use the calendars provided with the paper at the EQE itself (as they are provided now). Do not use the closure dates given in the OJ EPO, which include several bridging dates!


  1. Broken toothbrush15 January 2019 at 10:54

    I think a word or a letter is missing from the last sentence.

    1. Indeed, the word "use" was missing in the original post. I added it now.

  2. Thanks for the links. Why shall we use the calendars provided at the EQE itself, and not these here?

  3. Thanks for clarifying the post above! So it should be safe to use the currently provided calendars in which the holidays indicated thereon can be highlighted.

    With respect to bridging days, I understand from the 18 July 2013 notice from the examination board (in your D book on page 109) that these are not shown in the calendars *and thus* shall be disregarded in the EQE.

  4. I took the officially published file and highlighted the holidays in there. If it might be of use for someone:


    1. See above: Notice dd 18 July 2013 from the examination board says that the calendars provided at the exam with the exam paper SHALL be used, and any real-life EPO closure dates not indicated therein shall this be disregarded.

      You can expect the ones provided at the exam to be the same as these published by the exam secretriat. But be safe: use the ones provided at the exam itself!

      The L, P and D books from DeltaPatents include a copy of that Notice.

    2. Thanks that is my understanding, too.

      So if in the EQE a period ends on Dec 27, it will NOT be extended. Kind of weird.