Thursday, 25 January 2018

EQE 2018 - Security measures

Please be informed that new security measures apply at EQE 2018: all EQE 2018 candidates received the following email from the Exam Secretariat:

Dear Candidate,

If you intend to use scissors to cut out parts of the examination paper during the up-coming EQE, please be informed that following the policy of the EPO Security Department, scissors with blades longer than 6 cm (as measured from the fulcrum) are not allowed at the EQE. Therefore, and in order to prevent any difficulties when entering your examination centre, you should only bring blunt scissors with a blade length of not more than 6 cm. Please see the example attached to this e-mail.

Kind regards,

The Examination Secretariat
for the European qualifying examination
European Patent Office
80298 Munich
Tel: +49 89 2399 5155
Fax: +49 89 2399 5140

Tutors' report EQE 2017 available in epi Information 4/2017

The Tutors' report on the EQE 2017 papers (pdf), byLuis Ferreira (PT), Andrew Hards (DE), Margaret Mackett (BE), Harrie Marsman (NL), Sander van Rijnswou (NL), and Roel van Woudenberg (NL, editor), has been published in epi Information 4/2017 (page 20-29). 

Each year in September-October, the European Patent Academy and the epi arrange a meeting between EQE tutors and the Examination Committees. The goals are to discuss last year's papers, to improve future EQE's by openly exchanging ideas and to help tutors prepare candidates for next year's exam.

The Examination Board has kindly given the tutors permission to publish their own report of the important points so that candidates can more easily find this information. In addition, the comments can greatly assist when reading and interpreting the official EQE Compendium.

This year's meeting was held in Munich, already on September 8. The participant list showed 80 registered participants (tutors and further registered EPO and epi members from the Academy, EQE Secretariat and epi Institute) and 14 registered Committee and Board members.

This Tutors' Report appears each year in the end of year edition of epi Information. It contains the following sections:

1. Pass rates EQE 2017
2. General remarks
3. Paper A
4. Paper B
5. Paper C
6. Paper D

7. Pre-Exam

The Report can be read online via this linkepi Information 4/2017 is also available as pdf.