Tuesday, 20 April 2021

New dates for EQE 2022 - spread over 2 weeks and earlier than previously announced & Enrolment for EQE 2022 - EQE 2022 will be held online

 The dates for EQE 2022 have been published on the EQE website (Notices page), here (Notice of 19 April 2021),

The complete EQE does no longer take place in a single week (in 2011: Pre-Exam on Mon, D on Tue, A on Wed, B on Thu, C on Fri), but is spread over two weeks: the main exam papers on Tue and Thu, the Pre-Exam on Fri of the second week.

Compared to the earlier announcement of 15.11.2018 (wherein the EQE was planned from 21.03.2022 to 24.03.2022), the EQE 2022 starts two weeks earlier, with the D paper on 08.03.22. 

The Pre-Exam will take place after all main exam papers, rather than on the day before the main exam.

[Update 10 May 2021:] As e-EQE 2021, the EQE 2022 will be held online and can be taken at any suitable location chosen by the candidate.The examination system Wiseflow will be used (https://europe.wiseflow.net/) (See Announcement EQE 2022)

Note: the announcement of 15.11.2018 also already included dates for EQE 2023 (06.0.2023 - 09.03.2023); these will presumably also be changed.

Update 28 April 2021: 

Enrolment periods for EQE 2022 have been announced on the EQE website -> Enrolment

The webpage provides (no changes made, except added notes from the editor):