Friday, 20 August 2021

Detailed time schedule EQE 2022 available (Pre, C and D split into parts) & Info on Mock exams available (updated 13 January 2022)

Late June 2022, a document titled "Information on the schedule for the EQE 2022 examination papers- decision of the Supervisory Board dated 25 June 2021" was been published in the EQE website. Note that the document says that "Candidates are advised that this document may be subject to minor changes as testing continues".

Update: The document has been replaced by a new version dated 2 December 2021:
the D paper section now indicates "No calendars will be provided" - see also our other blog post.

The EQE 2022 will take place online using the same setup as the EQE of 2021. The EQE 2022 is spread over 2 weeks, starting with the D paper on 8 March 2022 and ending with the Pre-Exam on 18 March 2022 (also see here).

As with e-EQE 2021, the pre-examination and both papers C and D will be split into parts. Note that the split of paper D 2022 (26/19/55), and hence the detailed time schedule, differs from that of D 2021 (25/25/50).

Details from the document are given below.