Monday, 23 February 2015

EQE 2015: please feel invited to comments to our blogs on the exam papers

DeltaPatents provides the following blogs for the various papers of EQE 2015. 

Each blog links to a copy of the paper (in English, French and German) and has the key ingredients of our solution as well as our further comments. All blogs are open for comments from EQE 2015 candidates and tutors that helped candidates prepare for EQE 2015.

Candidates and tutors are invited to add their comments and (agreeing or dissenting) opinions to our blogs in any official EPO language - you can comment in English, French or German. We will answer in English to further facilitate the discussion among all contributors.

  • DeltaPatents EQE Pre-Exam blog: paper (in all three languages), first impressions, our solution and many comments from and discussion with/among candidates on the legal as well as the claims analysis parts;
     Main Exam
The reader is also invited to read and contribute to our other blogs on other (European) patent related topics:
Please feel invited to join the discussions at our blogs!

And... do not forget to read any comments posted to this blog!!!

NB: For preparation for EQE 2016's Pre-Exam or main exam papers, refer to this other post and our website (EQE courses and webshop).

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