Friday, 29 June 2018

The results for EQE2018 are in!!!

The results are in!!!

The list of scores for each EQEreg-number can be found here (via EQE Results and Statistics).

For the various paper, pass, compensable fail and fail rates are:
A: 52%, 11%, 38% (992 candidates)
B: 73%,   7%, 20% (804 candidates)
C: 47%, 12%, 42% (1077 candidates)
D: 33%, 12%, 55% (1123 candidates)

The Examiner's Reports are not yet available (29 June, 17:00).

Update 5 July 19:30: the Examiners Reports are now available on the EQE Compendium pages.

Roel, Joeri

Friday, 23 February 2018

Good luck to all EQE 2018 candidates!

We wish all candidates that sit the EQE next week good luck / bonne chance / gute Fahrt!

Our (provisional) answers to the various paper will be posted on our EQE blogs for Pre-Exam, A, B, C and D shortly after the exams. We will also post copies of the papers as soon as possible after we received reasonably clean copies to the blogs to facilitate the discussions.

All candidates, and tutors who helped candidates prepare for EQE 2018, are invited to contribute to our EQE blogs! You can post your comments in English, French or German. You are invited to post your comments under your real name, but it is also possible to use a nickname.

The DeltaPatents team

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Dates EQE 2019

The Examination Secretariat announced the dates for EQE 2019 on the EQE homepage.

See "Notice of 19 Februar 2018 from the Examination Secretariat - date of EQE 2019"

The dates are:

Note that the deadline under Rule 28 IPREE for registration of professional acitivities, which is obligatory for candidates planning to sit the (pre-) exam for the first time, already expired on 01.01.2018: registration needs to be done at the latest by 1 January prior to enrolment to the exam (registration details here) and only registered candidates can enrol. 
Enrolment is usually possible from early April to late May for the Pre-Exam and from mid July to early September for the main exam papers  (enrolment details here - enrolment dates for EQE 2019 not yet available [status 21.02.2018]).

For further details: check the EQE webpages (link).

Thursday, 25 January 2018

EQE 2018 - Security measures

Please be informed that new security measures apply at EQE 2018: all EQE 2018 candidates received the following email from the Exam Secretariat:

Dear Candidate,

If you intend to use scissors to cut out parts of the examination paper during the up-coming EQE, please be informed that following the policy of the EPO Security Department, scissors with blades longer than 6 cm (as measured from the fulcrum) are not allowed at the EQE. Therefore, and in order to prevent any difficulties when entering your examination centre, you should only bring blunt scissors with a blade length of not more than 6 cm. Please see the example attached to this e-mail.

Kind regards,

The Examination Secretariat
for the European qualifying examination
European Patent Office
80298 Munich
Tel: +49 89 2399 5155
Fax: +49 89 2399 5140

Tutors' report EQE 2017 available in epi Information 4/2017

The Tutors' report on the EQE 2017 papers (pdf), byLuis Ferreira (PT), Andrew Hards (DE), Margaret Mackett (BE), Harrie Marsman (NL), Sander van Rijnswou (NL), and Roel van Woudenberg (NL, editor), has been published in epi Information 4/2017 (page 20-29). 

Each year in September-October, the European Patent Academy and the epi arrange a meeting between EQE tutors and the Examination Committees. The goals are to discuss last year's papers, to improve future EQE's by openly exchanging ideas and to help tutors prepare candidates for next year's exam.

The Examination Board has kindly given the tutors permission to publish their own report of the important points so that candidates can more easily find this information. In addition, the comments can greatly assist when reading and interpreting the official EQE Compendium.

This year's meeting was held in Munich, already on September 8. The participant list showed 80 registered participants (tutors and further registered EPO and epi members from the Academy, EQE Secretariat and epi Institute) and 14 registered Committee and Board members.

This Tutors' Report appears each year in the end of year edition of epi Information. It contains the following sections:

1. Pass rates EQE 2017
2. General remarks
3. Paper A
4. Paper B
5. Paper C
6. Paper D

7. Pre-Exam

The Report can be read online via this linkepi Information 4/2017 is also available as pdf.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Cut-off date legal status / EQE syllabus changed from 31 December to 31 October

By Decision of the Supervisory Board amending Rules 2, 22 and 27 of the Implementing Provisions to the Regulation on the European qualifying examination for professional representatives, the cut-off date for the legal status / EQE syllabus changed from 31 December to 31 October, for the pre-exam and for the main exam papers.

The Decision changed the Rules relating to the syllabus to read:

Rule 2 - Examination syllabus
The examination syllabus referred to in Article 13 REE shall cover only those legal texts referred to in Article 13(1)(a) to (c) REE which are in force on 31 October of the year prior to the examination. The EPO case law referred to in Article 13(1)(d) REE shall be that covered in the latest edition of "Case Law of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office" (hereinafter "the Case Law Book"), the case law referred to in any case law special edition of the Official Journal published after the latest edition of the Case Law Book, and any case law published in the Official Journal on or before 31 October of the year prior to the examination.

Note that the first part of the first sentence means that amended Rule 27 and 28 EPC as currently in force are the relevant versions of these rules - the Guidelines of November 2016 are not up-to-date in respect to these Rules. Also, these Guidelines still refer to old RFees 11.

Note that the last part of the last sentence means that G 1/15, partial priority (pdf), is part of the exam syllabus for the coming exam (although it is unlikely that Exam Committees designed questions to test it, as they could not know when it would be published), as it was published in OJ Sep 2017 on 29 Sep 2017.

Rule 22(1) - General instructions for answering the papers 
"(1) Candidates are expected to be familiar with at least the following documents in the versions valid as at 31 October of the year prior to the preexamination or the examination:
(a) the EPC
(b) the Implementing Regulations to the EPC
(c) the Protocol on the Centralisation of the European Patent System and on its Introduction (Protocol on Centralisation)
(d) the Protocol on Jurisdiction and the Recognition of Decisions in respect of the Right to the Grant of a European Patent (Protocol on Recognition)
(e) the Rules relating to Fees
(f) the notice of the President of the EPO concerning the arrangements for deposit accounts [ADA & AAD]
(g) the PCT
(h) the Regulations under the PCT [latest change: July 2017]
(i) the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property
(j) the list of contracting states to the EPC and of contracting states to the PCT
(k) the Ancillary Regulations to the EPC  [partially overruled by later OJ EPOs]
(l) the brochure entitled "National law relating to the EPC" [partially overruled by later OJ EPOs]
(m) the Guidelines for Examination in the EPO [partially overruled by Rule changes per July 2016 and later]
(n) the content of the Official Journal of the EPO [until and including the Oct edition 2017],
(o) the Guidelines for Search and Examination at the EPO as PCT Authority."

Our comments are given in between square brackets.
Note that the last item is new: the GL PCT/EPO were introduced in 2015, but did not make it to the EQE Syllabus earlier than with this decision.
Note that any parts of the documents (esp. Ancillary Regulations, GL EPO, GL PCT/EPO) may have been superseded by documents of higher ranka and which define the relevant legal situation at 31 October, e.g., Rule changes, G-decisions, Decisions of the President, Notices in the OJ EPO.

The Decision also introduced, in new Rule 27(3) IPREE a new "Examination Committee V [shall be] entrusted with the quality management of the papers. It shall advise the other Examination Committees in this respect. "

Friday, 30 June 2017

Results EQE main exam 2017 are out

The results are out and can be found here. Congratulations to all that passed one or more papers!

The statistics for all papers (percentages of actual sitters):


# sitters
no show

comp fail
pass + cf

comp fail
pass + cf


The Examiner's reports are not yet available (30 June, 11:49).

Update 6 July: the Examiners' Report are now also available (in English only so far). If you wish to comment on them or your answers, please post your comments on our blogs for the specific papers (and, for D, for the specific DI or DII parts).