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Deltapatents will provide courses on Poland for EQE 2016 preparation

For EQE 2016 preparation, we will offer our 8-day Basic Legal course not only in the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and/or the U.K., but -in cooperation with Patpol- for the first time also in Poland.

This intensive 8-day course is offered in two blocks of 4 consecutive days at the Patpol office in Warszawa. The course will bring candidates from a basic level with no or limited legal knowledge to the level required for the EQE Pre-Exam (and/or a first step in preparation for the Main Exam). All legal topics -EPC procedural, EPC substantive and PCT- are covered. This course is modeled around the Pre-Exam Legal course for Dutch patent attorneys in the Netherlands.

This intensive course covers the legal topics needed for the Pre-Exam. We will give a complete legal overview, using our unique flow-charts. After each block the knowledge just learned will be tested by practicing basic questions as well as some pre-exam level questions. Also, some basic questions for main exam preparation are included.  Furthermore we will show candidates how to answer the questions True/False format.

In between the course blocks, candidates are expected to study and to do homework questions.
By the end of the course the participants will have identified their weaknesses and will know the areas that they need to concentrate before sitting the Pre-Exam, and will be at a level allowing advanced legal preparation for the main exam.

The content of the two blocks are as follows:
  • First 4-day block:      4 days EPC procedure  
  • Second 4-day block:  2 days EPC substantive patent law, and
                                      2 days PCT procedure 
and these blocks are (provisionally) scheduled on the following dates:
  • First block:           8 – 11 June 2015
  • Second block:    21 – 24 September 2015
The 8-day course in 2 blocks of 4 + 4 days is offered in Poland at a 25% reduced course fee compared to the 8-day Basic Legal Courses that we offer in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and U.K. in 3 blocks of 4 + 2 + 2 days. 
By offering the course at the Patpol office in Warszawa at a reduced course fee, at a geographical location having lower cost for hotel and cost of stay than the Netherlands and the other countries mentioned, and organizing all topics in 2 blocks for reducing travel cost, DeltaPatents and Patpol allow candidates from Poland and developing countries, especially those that acceded to the EPC more recently, to participate in our courses at a lower total cost, without compromising to the quality of the course.

Unique Course Concept

During each block of this course basic legal knowledge will be gained, covering the fundamental subjects of the EQE.

During the course-days tuition will be alternated with questions serving a a quick review whether the topics. A number of these will be in True/False format, part of which reflecting the format of the Pre-Exam. Emphasis will be put on topics and skills that a trainee is expected to be able to recognise and apply after 2 years experience and comprehensive legal/practical training, to hereby be at Pre-Exam level, or at an intermediate level on the road to main exam D level with further study on advanced legal topics and on applying the legal knowledge to complex open questions in the DI-part of the D-paper.

Course Highlights

DeltaPatents’ flow-charts, with complete overview of all EPC and PCT topics, covering the fundamental subjects of the EQE, such as novelty, inventive step, priority, unity, the main procedures, time limits, fees, remedies, representation, languages, etc. The legal framework encompasses the EPC (including the Guidelines), the PCT (including the Applicant’s Guide), the Paris Convention (PC), and the national law of Contracting States (in as far as is relevant for the EQE), as defined in the REE/IPEE.  

Reference book included

The book "References to the EPC" by Jelle Hoekstra, updated to include the changes to the EPC per 1 April 2015 and to the PCT per 1 July 2015, is included in the course fee and will be used extensively for an efficient and effective streamlining between the presented material and this up-to-date reference book..

The book consists of a single volume A4 book of over 1300 pages. Its main part, of over 1000 pages in A4 format, includes the full text of the EPC (Articles, Implementing Regulations, and Protocols), RFees, ADA/AAD, and an annotated version of the Euro-PCT Guide. The Articles are listed in sequence, with the Implementing Regulations (Rules) inserted at the appropriate places. Most chapters of the November 2014 version of the Guidelines are fully covered. A large set of Ancillary Regulations / OJ EPO references are fully integrated. Many short tables are included summarizing procedural acts and fee payments, as well as any flow-charts and tables illustrating the procedure. Legal overviews are included to enable fast identification of the most appropriate legal provision.
The second part of the book includes several annexes, including an annotated version of the “Euro-PCT Guide” addressing the various roles of the EPO under the PCT.

How is this course different from others?

Since the founding of DeltaPatents, our goal has been to teach, in the most effective way, the legal knowledge of the EPC and PCT, focussed on passing the EQE and providing knowledge required for daily practice. Our training is not academic.

We know and understand the trends and changes that have happened to the EQE -as a whole and all its individual papers- over the last 15 years. We continuously adapt our training accordingly as to content as well as exam methodology. A large delegation of our tutors for all papers (Pre-Exam, paper A, B, C and D) attends and actively participates in each tutor meeting with the exam committees.

Our tutors are experienced, practicing European patent attorneys, fully up-to-date with every aspect of the EPC and PCT, not just the modules which they teach. Each of them teaches many courses a year. Per course we only use a limited number of tutors who are very well acquainted with the entire course, whereby candidate-tutor interaction is greatly improved compared to courses with many different, single-topic tutors.

The training material is constantly updated and the effectiveness of our training significantly improved. We have managed to bring down the time required for this course from 15 days in 2003 to just 8 days now, maintaining our benchmark pass rates. This significantly reduces the costs for attending the course by limiting the lost working hours. We have also grouped the modules into a low number of blocks of multiple subsequent days, reducing travelling overhead and expenditures for accommodation.

Our unique set of summarising sheets with flow charts, tables and legal overviews reduce the time required for studying and helps in quickly finding the answers while sitting the EQE.

We have developed an extensive set of questions and answers to assist the candidates in further studying the subjects and testing their knowledge. We provide our own model solutions for all questions.

During the training we use an interactive discussion style and avoid one-direction lecturing.

We provide sample studying and homework schedules and welcome contact with the tutor via email, telephone of video chat.

Course Language

All material and tuition will be in English.

Attendance Limited to 20

A maximum of approximately 20 participants can take part in the course – the maximum will depend on the exact location. This limitation will give the tutor the opportunity to interact optimally with the candidates, to discuss unclear issues in more detail and to provide personal assistance during the practicing of questions.

When will we confirm?

We need a minimum of 8 participants to definitely confirm.

The price of the “8-day EQE Legal Course (PL)” in Poland in 2 blocks of 4 + 4 days is reduced by  about 25% to 2.800 (excluding 21% VAT). The reduction is provided to let candidates benefit from the lower cost of course accommodation in view of the course being given in-house  and the lower cost for travel, hotel and general cost of staying in Poland compared to the other contries mentioned.

Prices include tuition, course materials, refreshments and lunches.

An administrative fee of 125 is charged for every booking.  If more than one course is booked at the same time, only one administrative fee of 125 will be charged.

Please register online or use the form in the brochure on our website before 1 May 2015.

Cancellation policy

Please check our website (www.deltapatents.com) for our cancellation policy.

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