Friday, 3 March 2017

No electronic devices in EQE hall

Last week, EQE 2017 candidates received the message below from the Examination Secreariat:

Dear candidate,

Owing to the experience of the last few years and in order to ensure a fair examination, you are kindly reminded of the following: 

Electronic devices are FORBIDDEN during the EQE

Mobile telephones as well as many other electronic devices are now an integral part of our daily lives. However, they cannot be part of the EQE and it is strictly prohibited to take electronic devices of any kind, be it mobile phones, cameras, digital watches, or clocks, even mechanical ones, into the examination hall (see Instructions to candidates concerning the conduct of the European qualifying examination, point 9(a), Supplementary publication OJ EPO 2/2017 p. 37). 

Candidates discovered in the examination hall with any telephones or other electronic devices (unless explicitly allowed by the Examination Secretariat) will be reported to the Examination Board. This might lead to the most serious consequences (see Rules 19 and 20 IPREE). 

It will nevertheless be possible to hand in electronic devices before the start of the examination. For this purpose, please bring along an A4 envelope labelled with your first name, surname and date of birth. No responsibility can however be assumed for any damages or loss. 

The Examination Secretariat is confident that you will respect the rules. We wish you every success for the coming European qualifying examination. 

Yours sincerely, 

Examination Secretariat


  1. "even mechanical ones"? Interesting interpretation of "electronic devices of any kind"!

  2. @Poster at 12:20: An electronic device is apparently any device that comprises electrons. This might be a hint for part C!!!1111!!!! Anyway, good luck everyone!

  3. And what on earth is "an analogue wristwatch with no additional options" (the cited point 9(a) of the Instructions to candidates) supposed to mean? What is an "additional option"? The watch having a second hand? Showing the day of the month? Being set by radio control? Being solar powered? Being battery powered? Being self-winding? Glowing in the dark?

    A remarkable lack of clarity.

  4. yeah i agree that these kinds of electronic devices like mobiles, tabs, and special calculators should be abandoned in EQE. Otherwise, it can cause problems in future. Anyhow, good to see that you share this letter with us.

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