Thursday, 5 September 2019

EQE 2020 – second phase of pilot project for writing Papers A, B, C and D on a computer

The EQE Secretariat has published a Notice on the second phase of pilot project for writing Papers A, B, C and D (EQE 2020) on a computer.

The Notice indicates that, as in the first phase, candidates sitting all 4 papers for the first time and who are prepared to write at the Munich examination centre can be considered. Interested candidates fulfilling these criteria should contact the Examination Secretariat. If there are more volunteers than available places, candidates will be selected randomly. The pilot group will type their answers in a secure environment using a text editor program consisting of basic editing features. All other rules and conditions pursuant to the EQE will apply to the pilot. For full details, refer to the Notice and to the “Technical User Manual”.

The Notice dd 30 August 2019 can be found on the EQE webpages (here) and is reproduced below:

For the annoucement and comments to the first pilot at EQE2019, see our earlier blog post.


  1. I requested to do this and I'll wait for the answer. My only question is bringing a keyboard that actually works in your native language. I understand that we can bring a keyboard (the EPO provides a German-Swiss keyboard). However, does anyone know if the PC will be Windows based so that we can switch between German/French/English for our input language? This way, I can just plug in my USB keyboard and type. I assume so (just like on my current computer with Windows 10, I can switch between languages by using a toolbar in the bottom corner). My question is not Windows based per se, I'm just concerned with making sure the symbols on my keyboard match the symbols that are displayed on the computer.

    1. It says in the Technical User Manual that the Examination Secretariat must be informed about the keyboard layout at least 1 month before the examination so that they can configure accordingly. I guess this means they will just make sure that the standard layout of the keys(QWERTY/QWERTZ/DVORAK etc) will work?

  2. More information on CB-EQE has been made available on the EQE webpages on

    It shows a video where the CB-EQE system is shown in use.

    It indicates that:

    "At the EQE 2020, a pilot group will type their answers in a secure environment using a text editor program consisting of basic editing features. In addition to a laptop, all candidates participating in the pilot will receive the examination papers in the three languages in paper form.

    All other rules and conditions pursuant to the EQE will apply to the pilot.

    Disclaimer: The system as explained in the video and manual will be provided during the EQE to candidates participating in the pilot project. However, the right is reserved to introduce technical changes if necessary to both the software and hardware.

    More information about the equipment and software can be found [...]" on the CB-EQE webpage.

  3. A FAQ on the CB-EQE is available on the EQE website, at

    It provides some important additional information, such as:

    "What happens if I no longer wish to participate in the pilot?
    While it is assumed that you made a conscious decision to volunteer, you are free to withdraw from the pilot. However, if you do so, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to take the EQE at your preferred centre, if that was not the centre in Munich."

    "Do the same time constraints apply as for the regular EQE?
    Yes, the time allowed for the individual papers is the same. for the pilot group."

    "Will a printed version of the the exam paper also be available?
    Yes, you will receive the examination paper in the three official languages in paper form like any other candidate not using a computer. As some candidates like to take hand written notes during the examination, you will also receive some scrap paper (blank sheets of A4 paper). You can use the paper copy of the examination paper and the scrap paper to highlight and make notes. However, your answer paper will consist only of the computer- written electronic answer. Handwritten notes or parts of the printed examination paper will not form part of your answer."

    "Will the examination paper be provided in digital format to allow cutting and pasting?
    Yes, the exam paper will be available in PDF in a viewer.
    You can use the standard copy-and-paste keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V respectively) to copy text in the viewer window and paste it into the text editor. For best results, text should only be copied from the PDF one line at the time. Remember to check the copied text and correct it in the text editor, where necessary.

    Where do I save my electronic answer?
    You do not have to save your electronic answer during or at the end of the EQE as it is saved regularly and automatically on a server during the exam and at the end. After the EQE, all candidates will be notified once their answers are available on the EQE web portal. This might take some days as the computer-based EQE is still in the pilot phase.

    Will I be able to switch to writing on paper if I don't feel comfortable with the PC?
    Volunteering to take part in this pilot means using a computer to write your answer. Thus, it will not be possible for candidates to switch to writing on paper."

  4. No, it seems that PCs will not be Windows based. I'll participate in the pilot and showed the Mannual to a nephew, an IT specialist, and he said that it will not be Windows based, it is open source based (based on the pictures of the text editor in the manual)