Changes to paper A and B as of 2017

A brief notice was posted on the EQE website earlier this month, summarizing a recent decision from the Supervisory Board:

With effect from 2017, a single Paper A and a single Paper B will be set each year. As for current Paper C and the Pre-Examination, Papers A and B will be set in technical fields that are accessible to everyone. 

Thus, as of 2017, there will no longer be two types of paper A and paper B (separate Paper A Electricity/Mechanics and Paper A Chemistry; separate Paper B Electricity/Mechanics and Paper B Chemistry).

On the Annual Meeting of EQE tutors and member of the EQE committees, the Examination Board indicated that a mock exam will be made available.

The 2015 and 2016 exams will still have separate Electricity/Mechanics and Chemistry versions for paper A and B.