Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Reference material for EQE 2019 (in particular Pre-Exam and Paper D)

At the EQE 2019, the legal status as of 31 October 2018 is the relevant law.

We compiled a non-exhaustive collection of legal sources and other useful reference material as in force on 31 October 2018:

- EPC Articles and Rules
- EPO Guidelines for Examination (1 Nov 2017; partially superseded by later legal changes)
- National Law Tables
- London Agreement status
- Request form and notes
- Opposition form

- Euro-PCT Guide (1 Jan 2018)
- EPO Guidelines for EPO as PCT Authority (1 Nov 2017; partially superseded by later legal changes)
- EP Entry form and notes

- PCT Articles and Rules
- PCT Applicant's Guide
- selection of Annexes to the PCT Applicant's Guide (EPC states, EP athorities)
   note: the WIPO provides a collection of all annexes here (671 pages IP, 1223 pages NP)
- selection of overviews from PCT Resources website (states, time limits, reservations, ...)
- PCT Request form
- PCT Demand form
- PCT SIS request form

- Content of 2017, Suppl 5 (partly)
- Track changes versions
- Fee codes

The collection can be found on our website, under Course Links, top right corner of the page, as a set of 4 pdf files:
- EQE2019 references - EPC
- EQE2019 references - EPO and PCT (EPO as PCT authority; Euro-PCT)
- EQE2019 references - PCT (international phase; annexes AG)
- EQE2019 references - ADA/AAD (incl track change versions and fee codes)

Good luck with your exam preparation!

(13/11/2018: ADA/AAD compilation added)