Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Results EQE 2019 available

The results from EQE 2019 have become available earlier today (18 June 2019) on the EQE webpages (here for webpage, here for table), as a table of marks for each candidate, sorted by EQE registration number.

The document with the results indicates that
"Please note that we cannot accept liability for the information concerning your examination results given [...]. Only results as notified to you in your result letter are legally binding." and that
"The result letters will be dispatched as of 1 July 2019 onwards."

Congrats to all that passed (one or more papers)!

[Update 19 June:] The Examiner's Reports are now also available.

[Update 26 June:] Statistics on the results for all papers, per residency and nationality, are now also available on the EQE webpages,

Statistics (# sitters, pass rates, average, max score) and comparison with previous years


The distribution of marks for the EQE 2019 papers are shown in the graphs below:

Roel, Jessica (graphs)
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