Wednesday, 14 October 2020

New version of e-EQE FAQ available

 A new version of the e-EQE FAQ is now available on the EQE webpages, here.

The FAQ has been extended with more questions, and now provides answers to the following questions (go to the FAQ for the answers):

  • Where can I sit the online EQE and is anyone else allowed to be in the room with me?
  • Can I sit the EQE in an examination centre?
  • Will I be allowed to print out the examination papers?
  • Will the papers be made available in the three official languages of the EPO?
  • Will I be able to familiarise myself with the examination software in advance?
  • Will I need an internet connection?
  • What software will be used and what will be the requirements in terms of the operating system?
  • Will the examination papers be provided in digital format?
  • Will it be possible to print the examination papers?
  • What sort of computer screen do I need?
  • What text editor will be used?
  • Will copy/paste be possible?
  • Will I be allowed to write my answer on paper and scan and upload it afterwards?
  • Will I be allowed to make notes on paper?
  • Will I be allowed to switch to writing on paper if I don't feel comfortable with the PC?
  • How much time will be allowed for each paper?
  • When will more information on the e-EQE be available?

The answers indicate (cited in part; emphasis added):

Saturday, 3 October 2020

The examination schedule for the EQE 2021 has been revised

A revised examination schedule has been published on the EQE website: here.

A copy is shown below: