Thursday, 28 January 2021

Requirements for the e-EQE 2021 [Updated 20/02/2021]

 A document "Requirements for the e-EQE 2021" has been published on the e-EQE website today, together with a new User Guide and new Tips for candidates.

In today's (28/01/2021) information session it was indicated that there will also be new "Instructions to the candidates". Nothing special is to be expected with respect to the changes - the changes are what follows naturally from the switch from an exam hall exam to the e-EQE.

[Update 20/02/2021]: 
The e-EQE website has been updated with:

  • New "Instructions to candidates concerning the conduct of the EQE 2021"
  • new "Code of conduct for the e-EQE
to replace and supplement parts of OJ 2019, Suppl 2 Regulation on the European qualifying examination for professional representatives.

Also note the document "Step by step to the e-EQE" on the e-EQE website,

FAQ e-EQE extended [blog post updated 1/3/2021]

 The e-EQE FAQ on the EPO website has been extended with new information. Also, a new User Guide and new Tips for candidates have been published.

The new information in the FAQ addresses:

  • Should I use my corporate or my private environment?
  • Will I get the invigilator password?
  • How do I contact the support team in case of difficulties during the EQE?
  • Do I need Zendesk?
  • I did not manage to take my picture in the flow “Reference photo with ID/passport”. Am I allowed to sit the EQE?
  •  Am I allowed to use keyboard shortcuts, special keys combinations, such as Alt+Tab, and touchpad gestures in the LockDown browser?
  • Should my screensaver or screen lock be de-activated?
  • Do I have access to the legal texts in electronic form?
  • How can I indicate text in paper B which is deleted or added?
  • For paper C, will I be able to see my answer to the first part during the second part?
  • Since the opposition form has been abolished, how can I provide the required information in my answer?

The new information is cited below in full (emphasis added; formatted). For the complete FAQ, we refer to the e-EQE FAQ itself.

Updated 02/2021 - Should I use my corporate or my private environment?

Corporate computers and networks often have a strict security policy.
In this respect, some candidates have experienced issues

  • with the LockDown Browser (e.g. interruption of flow, limited Zendesk functionality), 
  • with the use of camera and microphone or 
  • with the reliability of the network connection used by the LockDown Browser and IP address issues.

To mention some elements to be checked (list non-exhaustive)

  • software rights management; 
  • screen or power savers; 
  • automatic system or software updates; 
  • hardware rights management for camera or microphone; 
  • virus scanners; 
  • change of IP addresses in corporate networks; 
  • firewalls security configurations.

If you experience issues during the mock examinations, which cannot be solved, it is strongly advised to either contact your IT department to solve the issues within your corporate IT Policy or most advisable is to use another (private) computer or network.

Friday, 15 January 2021

Information from the training sessions "The 2021 e-EQE" on 14 January 2021


Yesterday, two e-EQE Virtual classrooms were organized by the Academy/EPO/epi. (see annoucement)
  • The first session targeted candidates and tutors; the second session was for tutors only. The session has been recorded and will be available on the EQE website soon.
         Update 18/1/2021: the recording is now available on the e-EQE website.

  • It was announced that there will be two more session like this, for further questions (end Jan [28-1-link]; mid Feb [11/2-link]). Also, the online information will be updated.
Candidates are all strongly advised to test the e-EQE platform with Mock 1 and Mock 2 well before the exam.

  • Check the e-EQE webpage, regularly!  
  • Only about 1/3 has opened the flows of Mock 1… important to check the flows and the system!
  • Check the tips from the documents on the e-EQE website!
  • Check the FAQ in the EQE website!
In the session, many questions were answered, confirming what is already in the FAQ or adding some more detail. The following topics may be worth to mention.