Friday, 15 July 2022

EPO announced the first EPAC exam for paralegals, patent administrators and formalities officers on 12 December 2022

Yesterday, it was announced that the EPO introduces a new certification scheme for patent administrators: EPAC.

DeltaPatents will offer a course in Q3-Q4 2022 covering the EPAC syllabus for candidates that plan to sit EPAC 2022 (exam on 12 December 2022). Our detailed course offering will be provided on our website in the course of July. Please monitor our website for our detailed announcement and enrollment to the course.

Please refer to our blog on the EPAC announcement in our Patent Procedure blog for more details.

NB: it is not possible to post comments to this brief blog post in the EQE section. Please post any comments to our blog on the EPAC announcement.

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

EQE 2022 results available (main exam)

Today, candidates have received the results letters for EQE 2022. 

We congratulate all candidates that passed one or more papers, as well as those that got compensable fails and have the possibility for sufficient compensation.

Please feel invited to post your comments to this blog, preferably using your name or a nickname to facilitate communication.

The Examiner's Reports are also available in the Compendium.

If you want to address specific elements of specific papers, posting comments to the dedicated blogs is suggested; these are available via these links: A 2022, B 2022, C 2022, D1 2022, D2 2022.

Update 7/7/2022:

The statistics have been published!

Pre-Exam 2022: 680 candidates, 96,76% pass3,24% fail   - note: Part 3, 25 mark, was neutralized

Paper A 2022: 886 candidates, 59,82 % pass13.09 % compensable fail, 27,09 % fail

Paper B 2022: 1158 candidates, 77,55 % pass6,74 %  compensable fail,  15,72 % fail

Paper C 2022: 1400 candidates, 49,14 % pass12,07 % compensable fail, 38,79 % fail

Paper D 2022: 704 candidates, 62,64 % pass, 8,52 % compensable fail, 28,84% fail - see below