Training for EQE 2015 - first courses start already on 31 March 2014

For candidates that sat the Pre-Exam 2014 or one or more main exam paper last week: congratulations: you survived! And hopefully, you passed the paper(s) that you sat.
For new sitters: welcome to the world of the EQE.

The EQE 2015 may seem to be quite far in the future, but your preparation should not start to long from now if you want to be well-prepared.

Below, we provide suggestions as to how to prepare for the EQE 2015 (Pre-Exam or main exam papers):
  • if you plan to sit next year's Pre-Exam;
  • if you passed the Pre-Exam but want/need further basic legal training;
  • if you plan to sit next year's paper D;
  • if you plan to sit one of the other main exam papers A, B and/or C
The first courses start on 31 March 2014!

EQE 2015-2017: dates, times and Regulations

The Exam Secretariat announced the dates and times of the exam papers of EQE 2015, 2016 and 2017:

EQE 2015: 23.02.2015 – 26.02.2015
EQE 2016: 29.02.2016 – 03.03.2016
EQE 2017: 06.03.2017 – 09.03.2017

DeltaPatents EQE blogs

DeltaPatents provides the following blogs for the various EQE Papers of EQE 2014:
as well as blogs addressing other (European) patent related topics:
Please feel invited to join the discussions at our blogs!

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