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  1. During their preparation for the EQE, substantially all candidates find the EQE to be a real pain, requiring a lot of study, sacrificing too much free time, and jeopardizing your relation and family life. To be honest, that also applies to some (maybe even all but one?) of our tutors.

    If and after they sat and passed all papers, quite some candidates change their opinion, and start to appreciate one or more papers - and even start tutoring for those, a few hours a year upto a very significant fraction of their time. The DII-paper in particular, is considered -at least by legal tutors- a nice puzzle where your full understanding of patent law, its use in practice and the usefulness for and needs of a close-to-real life client are all parts of the puzzle.

    Occasionally, a candidate already appreciates the exams before the course. I think we had this year about 3 candidates throughout all our courses on basic legal training as well as A, B, C and D-methodology and guidede exam courses that did so. One of them commented after this exam:

    "I really liked sitting the exam, it was fun, and I managed to work according to my plans. Whether that is enough is a question for the people marking, I will wait for the results and enjoy my free time in the meantime."

    and when asked:

    "Were all 4 "fun"?
    You must have been one of the few who considered so!!!"

    the candidate confirmed:

    "Yes, I like exams ;-)... It is the interesting version of "chess" in my view. Does not mean easy to pass or that my solutions are any good. It is just fun to enter into a competition with the people who came up with the papers."

    but also felt sorry for the majority:

    "But, unfortunately most people did not seem to enjoy themselves...also, the worst thing to happen is. .same time next year..."