EQE 2018 - Security measures

Please be informed that new security measures apply at EQE 2018: all EQE 2018 candidates received the following email from the Exam Secretariat:

Dear Candidate,

If you intend to use scissors to cut out parts of the examination paper during the up-coming EQE, please be informed that following the policy of the EPO Security Department, scissors with blades longer than 6 cm (as measured from the fulcrum) are not allowed at the EQE. Therefore, and in order to prevent any difficulties when entering your examination centre, you should only bring blunt scissors with a blade length of not more than 6 cm. Please see the example attached to this e-mail.

Kind regards,

The Examination Secretariat
for the European qualifying examination
European Patent Office
80298 Munich
Tel: +49 89 2399 5155
Fax: +49 89 2399 5140
e-mail: helpdesk@eqe.org


  1. What about pencils with a sharp tip or very heavy legal commentaries?

  2. cool...so i'll fail because it took me a millennia to cut my thing out. awesome.


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