Dates EQE 2019

The Examination Secretariat announced the dates for EQE 2019 on the EQE homepage.

See "Notice of 19 Februar 2018 from the Examination Secretariat - date of EQE 2019"

The dates are:

Note that the deadline under Rule 28 IPREE for registration of professional acitivities, which is obligatory for candidates planning to sit the (pre-) exam for the first time, already expired on 01.01.2018: registration needs to be done at the latest by 1 January prior to enrolment to the exam (registration details here) and only registered candidates can enrol. 
Enrolment is usually possible from early April to late May for the Pre-Exam and from mid July to early September for the main exam papers  (enrolment details here - enrolment dates for EQE 2019 not yet available [status 21.02.2018]).

For further details: check the EQE webpages (link).