Friday, 12 February 2021

Calendars for EQE 2021 (Pre-Exam and paper D) available

 The Calendars for EQE 2021 (Pre-Exam and paper D) are available on the EQE website (here):

Also, the Notice of 18 July 2013 from the Examination Board on the Use of calendars in Paper D and Pre-examination has been re-published on the same page, to remind candidates that:

  • For the Pre-examination and Paper D, calendars will continue to be provided to candidates as part of the examination papers and will continue to be a correct calendar for the respective year (e.g. 1st January 2014 will be a Wednesday).
  • However, the calendars might not necessarily cover all EPO closing days. This means that some days, on which the EPO filing offices are actually closed, might not be indicated as closing days in the calendars.
    • Comment from the blog editor: especially so-called Bridging days are usually not provided in the EQE calendars; but also some closure days due to national/local holidays in Munich, The Hague or Berlin are sometimes not present. So never rely on your own knowledge, but use the EQE calendars when answering.
  • For future examinations, candidates shall answer the papers solely on the basis of the calendars in the examination papers.
You can download and print the calendars already now and put them with your EQE reference materials!

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