Sunday, 21 February 2021

Donot forget your final system test: Mock 3 is this Tuesday, 23 Feb!

If you could not test your e-EQE setup with Mock 2, or you had trouble during Mock 2, do not forget to take the opportunity for a final system check on Tuesday 23 February!

Candidates received information about Mock 3 in an email from 12 February 2021. That email indicated that the flow information email from Wiseflow for Mock 3 will be sent on 22 February.

If you run into problems due to lack of admin privileges (e.g., when using a company computer), it is recommended to have another computer (e.g., your private laptop or desktop) available for Mock 3. You can then switch to your private computer if it fails on your company computer - and then use our private computer for the real e-EQE. Use Mock 3 to test what works best for you!! 

Refer to our earlier blog on Mock 3 here if you want to have more tips and want to post comments. 

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If you wish to comment on Mock 3, please post your comments to our Mock 3 blog.

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