Thursday, 11 February 2021

e-EQE 2021: Mock 3 on 23 February

 In today's Virtual Classroom session on e-EQE 2021, it was announced that there will be a Mock 3:

  • On 23 February
  • 1 main exam flow (morning)
  • 1 pre-exam flow (afternoon)
  •  Purpose:  allow final test of equipment
  • Will include camera, invigilation, ZenDesk.
  • They are not new papers to do; the aim is just to test the system
  • Invitation will be send to all candidates in time - do not send any request to the EQE helpdesk
Click on "Read more" for:
  • Text of email from EQE secretariat about Mock 3
  • Updated information on e-EQE website

[Update 15-2-2012:]

Last Friday, all main exam candidates received an email from the EQE secretariat informing them as follows [emphasis added]:

Dear candidate,

Please be informed that a further mock examination “Mock 3” will take place on 23 February 2021:

09:30 - 13:00 CET - main examination (one flow only)

This is the last chance to test your equipment and system settings and we strongly recommend to make use of Mock 3. No alternative dates can be proposed. The contents of Mock 3 will not be new as it will focus on the testing of the equipment.

For those who still have some technical issues (camera, Flowlock browser etc.) please refer to:, in particular the sections “FLOWlock-browser: Troubleshooting” and “Webcam troubleshooting”.

To successfully participate in Mock 3 and the e-EQE, it is of utmost importance that you have familiarised yourself with the information on the e-EQE web page:

We also draw your attention to the document Step by step to the e-EQEwhich is available on the e-EQE web page.
The flow information email from Wiseflow for Mock 3 will be sent on 22 February – in case you have not received this email please check your spam folder. Please refrain from contacting the EQE helpdesk as you can simply log on to Wiseflow by using your credentials (user id/password) and start the Mock 3 flow.

During the last few days the EQE helpdesk received hundreds of emails. Most of these related to questions that are covered and answered in the information on the e-EQE web page and the FAQs. Therefore, we kindly ask for your understanding that not all requests to the helpdesk can be answered.

Pre-Exam candidates got a similar e-mail. 

The Pre-Exam Mock 3 test flow will be at 15:30-16:40 on the same date.

[Update 15-2-2012:] 

The information on the e-EQE website has been updated:

  • A document "Step by step to the e-EQE" was added
    • It has two sections:
      • I. Before the e-EQE
      • II. On the day of the e-EQE
        • Before the start of the examination (flow)
        • At the starting time of the examination (flow)
        • At end of the examination (flow)
    • The document indicates:
      "It is strongly recommended to test your equipment and follow the steps 1 to 14 ["Before the e-EQE"] well in advance before the EQE as well as completing the Mock 3 flow."
  • The Wiseflow Tutorial was updated compared to the Mock 1 Wiseflow Tutorial:
    • New slides were added:
      • Zendesk chat activation
      • Requirements before starting FLOWlock (external camera, microphone, speaker volume)
      • Taking entry image
      • Voice detection setup
      • Open Zendesk chat in FLOWlock
    • Some slides were updated: 
      • Candidate user activation as a requirement for accessing the flow
  • A new document "Compilation of information" was added.
    On its front page, it indicates:
    • "This compilation comprises all documents for candidates published on the EPO e-EQE website to serve as a single point of reference.
    • Please note that this document only comprises information that has been published on the EPO e-EQE website up to 11-02-2021.
    • Please refer to for the most up-to-date versions of the documents and for French and German language versions."
    • Table of contents:
      • Part I    Requirements for the e-EQE
        • Defines requirements necessary to take the EQE online
      • Part II    WISEflow User Guide for EQE Candidates
        • Helps to get started with the digital examination platform WISEflow and defines hardware and software requirements
      • Part III    WISEflow Tutorial
        • Simple tutorial with step-by-step guidance on how to use WISEflow including screenshots
      • Part IV    Tips for Candidates
        • Practical tips for dealing with specific problems in WISEflow
      • Part V    e-EQE Data Protection Statement
        • Statement about processing personal data in the context of the European Qualifying Examination, in so far as it is conducted in electronic form
      • Part VI    e-EQE FAQs
        • Frequently asked questions

Please refer to the  e-EQE website for the latest versions of all documents.


  1. Another mock... How much more time are we required for all of this system checks/requirements. It has been so time consuming.

  2. It is really too close to the exams. I will take part as I hope to iron out alot of things but this is leaving it so so late in the game.

  3. Alot of candidates have already spent a lot of time on this. I'm just scared that I will find even more bugs to the system that will dent my confidence.

  4. Nothing about testing printers/printing and amount of time made available for printing. They seem to overlook this aspect. There were issues of printing paper C during mock 2.

    I agree with the others - the burden on candidates has been extremely high and time consuming.

    1. They comment on the availability of the documents for part C in the webinar yesterday. In the Examn the documents will be available 20 min before start of the flow!

    2. Did they confirm that we can print part 1 and do we need to print all docs again for part II or just the new docs will be made available for printing in part II?

    3. It is a little confusing that all of the Anexes were available for printing again before the part 2 of Paper C. This makes you think that maybe something new was added and you don't have the time to check it.
      In the Mock 2 I printed them all again, but I didn't look on them. Just in case.
      Maybe in the real exam we will be able to print only the new added information in the part 2 of Paper C.

    4. In the webinar of 14 January, it was indicated that in the break before start of second part of paper C, and second part of claims analysis part of Pre-Exam, you can decide to print only the new pages or all the material (old + new).

      In paper C, it is clearly indicated on the exam paper what is available for printing and what is not: see front page and see blanked out parts of pages. See Mock 1 that was prepared by the EQE organization.

  5. I really hope mock 3 shows that they have fixed most of the issues here. It has been a unsatisfactory system thus far.

    I do agree with others here that all of this testing has been eating alot of our revision time. Perhaps all this testing would benefit future years but it certainly has impacted on my preparations this year. There is no doubt about that.


  6. Is this webinar uploaded somewhere? I couldn't attend it yesterday and would like to watch it before the EQE

    1. You have the session from 14.01.2021 here:
      The next two sessions recordings are not available

    2. The sheets were posted on 11 Febr. in the unofficial Telegram group for EQE candidates. No sound, though.

    3. There are also 2 summaries: SaltedPatent en Zsofia Pintz. The link to Zsofia Pintz sis in the SP post.

  7. We have a new document published today saying: It is strongly recommended to test your equipment and follow the steps 1 to 14 well in advance before the EQE as well as completing the Mock 3 flow.$FILE/Step_by_step_to_the_eEQE.pdf

    And another one from yesterday - eEQE Candidate Information Compilation 90 pages!!$FILE/eeqe_candidate_information_compilation.pdf

    I wonder should we study at this moment the substantive issues of the real exams or we should continue to follow the overwhelming information coming from EPO about the technical requirements of the system. Do we not have enough as study or we need to become IT experts in WISEflow?!

  8. I know. I spent way too much time keeping up with all the new updates that I haven't been revising properly this year. This has affected alot of us.

  9. "Log on to Wiseflow at least 60 minutes before the examination starts" ... What's the expected benefit of this? System overload comes from the fact that everyone logs on at the same time. Telling everyone to log on 1 h before does not avoid crashing the system ... Also, if Wiseflow can't handle a measly few thousand login requests in parallel ... what's going to happen when we all upload our results at the same time?

  10. Article 4 of the Decision of the Supervisory Board of 20 April 2020 provides that:
    “For the 2021 main examination only, candidates' answers will be marked either on the basis of the legal texts and document versions in force on 31 October 2019, or on the basis of those in force on 31 October 2020, depending on which of the two dates would give the candidate the higher mark.”

    It is not clear to me what this means for the independent questions in paper D: “candidates' answers” may refer to the single answer to the paper as a whole, or to independent answers to the different independent questions of the D paper.

    a) Must ALL DI questions as well as the DII be answered with the same legal texts and document versions? The versions as in force on 31 October 2019 for ALL DI questions and DII, or the versions as in force on 31 October 2020 for ALL DI questions and DII?
    b) Can I choose per DI question which legal texts and document versions I will use? For example, the texts as in force on 31 October 2019 for Question 1, 3 and 7; the texts as in force on 31 October 2020 for the other questions?

    I cannot find an answer to this.

    I prefer to cherry pick depending on the topic of the question. For most questions, I want to use the versions of 31 October 2020 or the versions that I get access online via External resources. But if a question relates to time limits or fees, I want to use the versions of 31 October 2019 because then I do not need to consider the Covid-notices nor the changes in Rules relating to Fees per 1 April 2020.

    1. I donot know. But I would recommend to use the same version for the complete paper. If you use both versions within a single DI question or within the DII, your answer may become inconsistent.

      Also, I do not think the intention of the Art. 4 of the decision is to let you cherry pick what suits you best. The purpose of Art. 4 is to give some relief to the candidates that prepared for the main exam of 2020 and could not sit to due Covid-19: no need to update all material, but allowed to continue with the EQE2020 material. This choice was not restricted to EQE2020 candidates only, but the choice is allowed for all candidates - also to candidates that prepared for pre-exam 2020 and should normally have switched to the new syllabus for the main exam, and also for candidates that did not prepare for EQE2020 at all.

  11. The instructions say that I am not allowed to use shortcuts (Alt+Tab or the like) during the exam. Bit I cannot help it. It simply happens.

    During Mock 2, I was kicked out of Wiseflow/Flowlock because of alleged fraud when I accidentally typed Alt-Tab a few times. I do not want this to happen again in the real exam.

    I tried to make Alt-tab inactive. But in Windows 10, you cannot disable the functioning of Alt-Tab. So, there seems to be no software solution to prevent the above from happening.

    So to reduce the Alt-Tab risk, I removed the Alt-key from your keyboard.
    Several methods are proposed on Youtube using (preferably flexible plastic) tools, such as a guitar pick or a credit card, e.g. here:
    - , and
    - .
    At your own risk! And have a spare keyboard available, just in case…

    Alternative solution may be to insert a piece of 0.5 mm thick plastic underneath the tab key so as to press on the frame of the keyboard to prevent movement of the key from generating input to the computer (I did not try myself):

    1. And I confirm that you still get kicked-out for using "alt-tab"...

      and that if you are not on the first tab when doing it, you won't see the alert message. Or said otherwise, you'll see the alert message when already kicked-out. Too late. Too bad.

      Same player, play again next year... for doing an "alt-tab"... seriously...

    2. Thanks for the tip! I also got kicked out during mock 2, hoping the bug will be solved by mock 3. But during mock 3, I also got kicked out and was told it was not bug, but a feature.

    3. You can manually disable ALT+TAB in windows 10 by physically blocking the ALT key. There have been a few suggestions already on how to do this. I've used a paperclip. Stopped anything happening in MOCK3.

  12. What is the invigilator password for today, please anyone?
    Cannot open zendesk without password...

    1. You should be able to get into Zendesk outside of the lockdown browser, exactly for this sort of thing.
      Maybe worth trying to log in to Zendesk separately? (NB. the chat box might not show if no invigilators are on at the time)

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  14. In Mock 3 (main exam), it was possible to navigate from the Table of Contents (where the Headings at the various level are collected). So, when using headings, you can now more easily navigate between various parts of your answer.

    Apart from that, I did not see any differences.

    You can still not annotate the pdf of the paper, nor can you open the Tabs side-by-side (but, within a Tab, you can use the Navigation pane on the right side to the various parts of the paper).

    Line spacing can still not be changed, so you cannot change to linespacing 1,5. (You can select one of the header formats to achieve some form of line spacing, but then the ToC-navigation is no longer usable).

    Deletion can still not be done with strikethrough, but needs square brackets (see FAQ).

    Note that Alt-Tab is still considered "an unauthorized mouse/touchpad action (swipe with two or three fingers)" as the pop-up tells you the first time you use Alt-Tab. Unfortunately the pop-up message fails to inform you what action you did and it does not indicate that it was an unauthorized combination of keyboard shortcuts. So it you see a pop-op on "unauthorized mouse/touchpad action" and you did not use the mouse at that moment, not a touchpad, then know that it was likely an unauthorized shortcut such as Alt-Tab! If you do that twice, your session is cancelled and you need the help of the invigilator to get back in.

    1. I received the message "unauthorized mouse/touchpad action" when I moved a piece of paper and I touched the touchpad.

    2. Just disable the the touchpad.

  15. I had trouble to connect to the flow. After taking and uploading the photo and checking the microphone about 15 min before 9:30, there was a pop-up message in the browser saying "Initialising: No connection from the computer to WISEflow.Tries again in 10 seconds". I tried several times and it didn't work. I had internet connection and it worked fine with previous mocks under the very same conditions. Did anyone else have the same problem?

  16. I had the same issues in mock3 as with mock2: when connecting to zendesk from the external resource, an nearly empty zendesk page was openened, without access to the chat. Instead of the chat button/area, I simply have a "powered by Zendesk" indication. I used a second computer outside of the lockdown browser environment to chat with them. A technical expert indicated it may be an antivirus issue.

    1. Our company IT team fixed the issue: the chat was blocked by the firewall!

  17. In Mock3 the formatting symbols were gone above the text field. Instead, only empty boxes were displayed. Has anyone else had this problem? The chat had no solution ...
    The problem did not previously occur in Mock1 and Mock2. And after I closed Mock3, the formatting symbols were displayed correctly and visibly in MOCK1.

    If this happens in the EQE it will be very time consuming to find out which empty box belongs to which formatting / symbol ....

    1. If this happens again, maybe refreshing the browser can solve it... Did you try this during Mock 3?

    2. No, because from my understanding then I have to go through the entry process including picture once more or?

  18. Are we supposed to receive an invigilator pwd for the actual exam ?

    When are we suppose to receive the participation pwd for the actual exam ?

    1. Also, on the real exam day, when entering the flow, do we need to hold photo ID while taking photo? In the user guide it says not needed but in the webinar I think the tutor said we should do that. Which one is correct?

    2. I checked this with the helpdesk before Mock 3 as the FAQ was not clear on EQE website. We have to show our ID when taking our entry image to each EQE flow regardless of whether we successfully completed the "Reference Photo with ID/Passport" flow prior to Mock 2.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. As far as I know you do not get an invigilation password. Only after special approval from the invigilator, who can (hopefully) be contacted outside the flow via
    I truly hope they respond within seconds...

  21. In Mock 3 Pre-Exam, I did not note any changes w.r.t. Mock 2 Pre-Exam part 4 (Q.15-20 of Pre-Exam 2019).

    The setup of the exam was the same as in Mock 2:

    - printable in advance: calendars and prior art documents - I checked it about 15 minutes before the start of the flow and then the prior art pdf was available; the calendars are already available well before that;

    - calendars are available as pdf via external resources during the flow;

    - prior art is available via hyperlink to pdf in the question during the flow;

    - every question is given online in all three languages - this requires a lot of scrolling between the description, claims and statement, and some candidates may consider that the whole question is as a result obscured with information in irrelevant languages. No selection can be made of a single language only. As this was the same in Mock 1 and Mock 2, it can be assumed that it will be the same in the real e-EQE;

    - questions were in randomized order - this has some strange and some unwanted (in my view) side-effects: the order on which the claims analysis questions are presented may have quite some impact as to how you understand the questions; I got them in the order Q.20-16-19-17-18, so also jumping between claimsets III and A.1/A.2. It was the same in Mock 2, but in Mock 1 all questions were in the originally designed order. It would in my view be preferred if all candidates receive the questions in the same order, to have the same exam and equal circumstances for all. Whether they will be in randomized order or in a fixed order for all candidates in the real e-EQE is not yet known;

    - the statements with the question were also randomized - this also has some strange and in my view unwanted side-effects, as some candidates get the statements in a natural order (e.g., with increasing claim number), whereas others get them in an order that may be confusing; e.g., For Q.16, I got them in the order 16.3/16.2/16/4/16.1 (when comparing with the original exam). It would in my view be preferred if all candidates receive the same order.

  22. I have the same question whether we could use the same candidate password "abc" to log in Wiseflow or a new individual password will be sent to each candidates?

  23. "At the starting time of the examination (flow):
    22. Log on to Zendesk via external resources button" - this is a mandatory step, even if you don't need to talk with the invigilator!

  24. Mock 3 was bad surprise: External Camera (with integrated mic) always was working well before starting the Flow (I tested this several times - not any problems with the hard- and software). Log-in with entry-photo, uploading entry-photo and mic-test were also fine. Ì started and worked on the paper - I believed everything is good. After about 30' I got a warning from an inviligator: "Only black proctoring-fotos from me since about 30'; this would lead to a fail in real exam!" -> Big perplexity! I tried to solve the astonishing problem with the dedicated help of several technical supporters via Zendesk-Chat during nearly 3(!) hours. It seemed that Lockdown-Browser during the flow had changed/switched from the external camera to the integrated camera of the laptop-lid - which of course is closed (-> black photos at the inviligators). So I deactivated the integrated camera by software; also no sucess, no photos during Flow-phase. At the end I deleted the driver for the integrated camera from my laptop, i.e. total deactivation of the integrated camera. Only the external camera remained installed and working. Then it seemed to work! The inviligator told me via Zendesk, that now he is receving photos from me during a period of about 15' -> it seemed to work. But then it was 13:00 and no further tests were possible.
    So my hint to all candidates with laptop-camera and external-camera: Probably you should deactivate one of these completely (i.e. deleting the driver); but maybe this was a bad issue only on my computer-system ...

    1. oh that is scary ! thanks for the tips ...

    2. OMG, i'm using the same setup and everything worked fine in Mock 1-3. Now i'm scared!

  25. According to point 17. of the 'Instructions to candidates concerning the conduct of the European qualifying examination 2021', a photo of the ID has to be used before the examination.

    According to point 12 of the 'Instructions to candidates concerning the conduct of the European qualifying examination 2021'
    "II. Technical requirements
    12. To sit the examination, candidates require the necessary technical equipment as set out in the User Guide. The latest version of the User Guide and the Requirements for the e-EQE 2021 (available on are mandatory for candidates and apply in addition to these instructions.'"

    Under point 4.1 of the 'Tips for candidates', the following can be found "4.1 Image with ID or passport.
    If the Examination Secretariat requests you to do so, you have to take the picture of the entry image showing a valid ID or Passport. Hence, we recommend to have your ID/Passport within your hand reach...!

    17. For the participation in the EQE, candidates must also have a valid official photographic ID (identity card or passport) and keep it within easy reach. For the purpose of verifying their identity, candidates must hold their ID up to the camera (next to their face) before each examination or part thereof (flow). In addition, invigilators can ask candidates to hold their identity card or passport up to the camera at any time during an examination.

    The Tips for candidates seems not be included in the 'Instructions to candidates concerning the conduct of the European qualifying examination 2021'?

    Do we have to use the ID before the real exam?

  26. W.R.T: Touchpad mouse

    I am using a mac book and luckily it works for all three mocks.
    I am using two fingers to scroll and I never received an alert.
    Now, I am worrying since a lot of people had problems.

    Is it likely that in the real exam it would be different than in the mock?

    1. I am concerned about exactly the same thing and hope it will work to use the touchpad for scrolling and this will not be ragarded as not allowed afterwards. I think I read somewhere (where?) that all 2 finger gestures as well as all key combinations apart from the allowed ones for copy and paste would be regarded as attempt to cheat?
      These last minute regulations 10 days before the exam do not help at all... I have no external mouse and keyboard and I was not going to change the hardware any more.....

    2. The information stating that touchpad gestures are not allowed in general is from FAQ w.r.t. the eEQE on the EPO website:

      "You are not allowed to use shortcuts (Alt+Tab, Ctrl+P or the like), key combinations and touchpad gestures in the LockDown Browser, except the ones mentioned below. Using shortcuts is seen as an unauthorised action and will result in the LockDown browser to stop your examination.

      The following Windows shortcuts are allowed: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Shift+V, Ctrl+F (and the corresponding Mac shortcuts)."

      During Mock 2 and Mock 3, I did not get any warning though when scrolling by 2 finger gestures.

  27. I have two questions:
    1) Will we receive an email with a new given password to log in Wiseflow on the exam day, or the same "abc" password will be used?
    2) While taking the entry photo, do we need to hold our ID too?
    Appreciate someone could shed the light. Cheers

  28. Hi,
    I had some problems with the unscheduled breaks during Mock 3. First unscheduled break, I simply wrote it in the Zendesk chat window before I left and when I was back. Did not wait for answer, as I thought that was OK. A bit later, I did the same, but was told by the invigilator that I have to wait for approval in the chat before leaving. When I asked for permission a third time (and waited for permission), the invigilator now tell me I just go and do not have to wait for approval. This is very confusing. Is there anywhere where a clear answer is given on this question? I cannot find it. Am enrolled for Paper C

    1. I think you were right - no need to wait for the approval from the invigilator. It was mentioned in one of the 3 documents released in the beginning

  29. Point 31 of "Instructions to candidates concerning the conduct of the European qualifying examination 2021"

    "b) Unscheduled breaks should take no
    longer than three minutes. Candidates
    must inform the invigilator using the
    chat function (Zendesk) when they take
    an unscheduled break and when they
    return to their seat. However,
    candidates need not wait for
    authorisation from the invigilator before
    leaving their seat."

    1. Thanks! I was sure I read it somewhere, but the invigilator got me nervous ...

  30. Does EPO feel ready for the E-EQE ?

  31. Did they check the cameras in the Mock 3. I went out several times for unscheduled breaks, and I also closed the camera cover for 10-20 minutes to check if I could provoke a warning. Nothing.

    1. They did check. I wrote in Zendesk "I opened my camera" and the invigilator replied "I see you clearly"

    2. the checks were not systematic. not everyone got a chance to see if the system produces a warning when you look down at your papers/books and don't look the camera in the eye ...

    3. Probably they checked some of us. If they checked me I should have gotten multiple warnings.

      The invigilator I chatted with wrote that all of them did not have access to cameras. I specifically asked if my picture was ok considering that I have windows behind only covered with shine through curtains (i.e. those we have at our office). I got the response that he/she did not have access to the camera function but as long as you could read the ID in the photo taken at start it should be sufficient.

    4. I have tried both the built in and external cameras. The resolution is too low to read the details of the ID clearly when I see through the laptop screen or through the external monitor. Does anyone else have the same problem?

    5. Maybe some random set was used. Even if received acknowledgement that camera/picture is ok I'm not sure for the rest - I stayed almost all the time on Mock 3 to write/check the system load; check some key combinations, and for example I was coughing one hour - but no sign from AI

    6. Anonymous,26 February 2021 at 11:40, check what is written by Herbert,23 February 2021 at 22:09 above for the problem external/laptop camera

    7. To Anonymous26 February 2021 at 11:40, I have been informed by Helpdesk that it shouldnt be a problem as long as I hold the ID close to me. Hope it will be acceptable.

  32. Ther's an email going around from the EQE organisers. They're finally asking for feedback following MOCK-3:
    "The purpose of the following survey is to give us your feedback on your experience of the MOCK 3 Exam and help us understand where we can improve our support to the candidates during the actual Exam in March. Thank you for your help and support. The EQE Team"
    Seems a bit late to perform changes less than a week before the exam .....

  33. Hi.

    I checked all your replies but still didn’t find an answer to a question which also others asked here.
    Or shall we use abc again?


  34. I am using an iMac, I didn’t experience any technical issue so far, hopefully the exam will run the same smoothly like the mooocks

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Thanks Anniki, I saw now .

    Great. Enter "abc" and go for it !
    It will be easy peasy, I am sure. Good luck everyone !

    Oh, by the way, what happens if you FORGOT to log in to Zendesk ?
    Do they kick you out the exam ?
    I forgot tho log on the entire C Paper 2nd part Mock 2.
    If I am not wrong you are supposed to log in AFTER you enter the flow, how else could it work ?..


    1. It is important to know that you can log in Zendesk outside the flow in case you are kicked out.
      You log in:
      1. Before the flow via internet
      2. During the flow via External Sources.

  37. Hi! If you forgot to log in to Zendesk, you can do it also later. You should just click on "External sources", that is at the top right of the answer page, and take from the list Zendesk. You can see "External sources" after log in into Lockdown browser, i.e when you are already on page, where you can write answer.
    You need Zendesk, when you take unscheduled break. I forgot also to log in Zendesk during one Mock 2, but nothing happened. If you will not log in, you can not take unscheduled break and you can not write to invigilator, when you have problems. When you wish to take unscheduled break, do not forget to write into chat of Zendesk. Let's hope, nobody will have problems during all exams. Good luck for everyone!

    1. But i guess you also need to be logged in Zendesk so that the Invigilator can contact you in case of any problems. The FAQ says that Zendesk "is the only way to communicate between you and the invigilator". So you need to log in immediately after the start!