Monday, 26 September 2022

Dates for EQE 2024

The dates for EQE 2024 have been published on the EPO website (link).

It shows Pre-Exam, A, B, C and D, so it seems to be an EQE of the current format. 

The time schedule again shows at least one day in between successive main exam paper. It seems likely that the exam will again use WiseFlow and -for the main exam- the FlowLock editor/browser.

Comment: If discussions about the New EQE, following the consultation that closed 31 Aug, converge quickly, I can imagine that there may be exams for the New EQE Fundamentals in Q.3 or Q.4 2024, or that they will replace the Pre-Exam as of March 2025. However, no time of introduction of the New EQE, nor any transitional provisions, have been published to date (26 Sep 2022).

NB: The dates for EQE 2023 can be found here.

Friday, 23 September 2022

D 45/21 - EQE appeal on complaints that were not decided upon

In this appeal, a candidate contests the marking of Papers B, C and D of the e-EQE 2021. The candidate submitted in the grounds of appeal that there had been severe technical problems with the examination software during the examination of Papers B, C and D of the e-EQE 2021. The problems had reduced the time available for answering the papers and caused the appellant extreme stress and considerable psychological disadvantages. This had led to serious disadvantages compared to other candidates who had not experienced these problems. He further submitted that he "filed a complaint on the same day of the examination of Paper D, stating all the problems [he] experienced and the actions [he] took to report and receive help from the invigilators to solve the problems" and similarly for paper C. However, he had not received any answer to these two complaints. The Board considered that "The Examination Board was therefore obliged under Rule 19(4) IPREE to take a written and reasoned decision on the appellant's complaint regarding the alleged disturbances during the examination of Papers D and C, considering all the available evidence. However, no such reasoned decision was taken at any time". The Board remitted to the Examination Board for a new decision to be taken regarding Papers C and D, to let the Examination Board decide whether the complaint is unfounded or well founded, with -respectively- reasons or an appropriate compensation.

W.r.t. the lack of a complaint w.r.t. paper B, the Board indicates that "raising complaints about alleged disturbances during the examination only by way of an appeal before the Disciplinary Board of Appeal, i.e. without any prior decision of the Examination Board under Rule 19(4) IPREE, is not acceptablee" as it would deprive the Examination Board of the opportunity to determine the exact circumstances involved and to react accordingly, if necessary with a decision pursuant to Rule 19(4) IPREE, or to deal with the allegations in its decision on the result of the examination under Article 6(5) REE. "It is contradictory to exclude the assessment of late-filed facts by the Examination Board under Rule 19(3) IPREE but allow the submission and the legal evaluation of these facts in appeal proceedings."