Monday, 26 September 2022

Dates for EQE 2024

The dates for EQE 2024 have been published on the EPO website (link).

It shows Pre-Exam, A, B, C and D, so it seems to be an EQE of the current format. 

The time schedule again shows at least one day in between successive main exam paper. It seems likely that the exam will again use WiseFlow and -for the main exam- the FlowLock editor/browser.

Comment: If discussions about the New EQE, following the consultation that closed 31 Aug, converge quickly, I can imagine that there may be exams for the New EQE Fundamentals in Q.3 or Q.4 2024, or that they will replace the Pre-Exam as of March 2025. However, no time of introduction of the New EQE, nor any transitional provisions, have been published to date (26 Sep 2022).

NB: The dates for EQE 2023 can be found here.


  1. Very good observation. As a 2023 main exam candidate, I am relieved to at least derive the information that the 2024 exam will be conducted in the same way and that I (heaven forbid, though probable) wouldn't have to mix and match partial qualifications!

  2. Again this Wiseflow? after all problems and complaints?

  3. I think Epi and single National rappresentative Institutes should appoint some external Observer for next EQE. Whit this system, lock browser and editor, alone and without any device it is impossible to prove in you have problem.