Good luck to all EQE 2023 candidates - main exam and Pre-Exam!


We wish all candidates that will sit one or more EQE papers this and/or next week good luck / bonne chance / gute Fahrt!

Our EQE blogs will be open for your comments and opinions w.r.t. the ABand D main exam and the Pre-Exam paper immediately after the respective exam. We will post our (provisional) answers to the various papers in separate blog posts shortly after we have received copies of the exam papers. To facilitate the discussions, we will also post copies of the papers as soon as possible after we received reasonably clean copies. 

Do not post any comments as to the merits of the answers of a certain exam paper/flow on the blogs while an exam/flow is still ongoing. Also, do not post the invigilator password or anything else that may be considered a breach of the exam regulations, instructions to the candidates, code of conducts, etc (see, e.g.,  EQE homepageEQE notices, EQE online website, MyEQE, and the emails from the EQE secretariat).

For Pre-Exam and D candidates:
Be reminded that "calendars will no longer be provided to candidates as part of the examination papers for the pre-examination and Paper D. A notice listing the dates on which the EPO filing offices are closed is published each year in the Official Journal. For the purposes of applying Rule 134(1), first sentence, EPC and Rule 80.5 PCT, candidates should refer to the relevant notice on EPO closing days. They will be able to access the EPO website for this during the exam. Candidates are allowed to use their own calendar to identify dates falling on a Saturday or Sunday." (See Notice from the Examination Board dated 19 November 2021).

All candidates, as well as tutors who helped candidates prepare for EQE 2023, are invited to contribute to the discussions on our EQE blogs (General ABand D , Pre-Exam)! You can post your comments in English, French or German. You are invited to post your comments under your real name, but it is also possible to use a nickname if you wish to hide your identity. 

Please be reminded that you can view and print/download  copy of your exam answer after the exam, via the eye below the "1. Paper"-icon in the bottom left part of the flow window of the respective flow. (It may not be available immediately after the official end of the (part of the) paper, but only 30-60 minutes later.)