Dates for EQE 2025 published

The dates for EQE 2025 have been published on the EQE website (notice of 20 July 2023):

The time schedule is similar as that of EQE 2024 and 2023, with the papers in the sequence D-A-B-C-Pre-Exam, and again showing at least one day in between successive main exam papers. It seems likely that the exam will again use WiseFlow and -for the main exam- the FlowLock editor/browser.

The published schedule provides for papers Pre-Exam, A, B, C and D, so it seems to be an EQE of the current format. 

Comment: If discussions about the New EQE converge this autumn/winter and the Administrative Council decided in the new regulations, I can imagine that there may be exams for the New EQE Fundamental Module(s) in 2025 in parallel with or replacing the Pre-Exam as of March 2025. However, to date (14 August 2023), no decisions seem to have been made as to the final New EQE format, nor as to the time of introduction of the New EQE, nor of any transitional provisions.

NB: The dates for EQE 2024 can be found here (discussing notice 20 September 2022).