EQE 2024: results will be available in July 2024

Yesterday, the Examination Board published a notice "EQE 2024: Publication of results" on the EQE website reading:

FYI: Art. 48(2) UPCA provides: "Parties may alternatively be represented by European Patent Attorneys who are entitled to act as professional representatives before the European Patent Office pursuant to Article 134 of the EPC and who have appropriate qualifications such as a European Patent Litigation Certificate." The direct relation to the availability of the results from the EQE is not clear to me, as entitlement to act as professional representative does not depend on the passing of the EQE as such, but to the entry on the list of representatives - which must still be requested after passing (here).


  1. The transitional period for “grandfather courses” to qualify under Art.48(2) UPCA expires 1 year after entry into force, so 1 June 2024… (See https://www.unified-patent-court.org/sites/default/files/upc_documents/ac_06_22022022_rev_e_0.pdf)

    1. Maybe they are saying that candidates who will pass the EQE in 2024 cannot expect to get the results before July 2024 and thus cannot possibly benefit from the grandfather clause?

    2. @Anon I also think so. Maybe some people were wondering if it would still be possible this year.


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